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Side Dishes
Husband and Wife (beef, tripe & peanuts sauce) 夫妻肺片 $7.99
Spicy Beef (sesame & peanuts) 麻辣牛肉 $7.99
Guai Wei Chicken (onion, sesame & peanuts sauce) 怪味鸡 $6.99
Garlic Pork 蒜泥白肉 $7.99
Egg roll (chicken, carrots, celery, onion & cabbage) 4 rolls 春卷 $3.99
Spicy Pork Tripe 红油肚丝 $6.99
Green Onion and Tofu in Special Sauce 小葱拌豆腐 $4.99
Hot and Sour Cucumber 酸辣瓜条 $4.99
Tiger Salad (cilantro, cucumber, green & red pepper) 老虎菜 $4.99
Hot and Sour Soup (tofu, peas & carrots) 酸辣汤 $7.99
Tomato and Egg Soup 西红柿蛋花汤 $9.99
Baby Bok Choy with Tofu Soup 青菜豆腐汤 $9.99
House Special Soup (fried pork, Fish, tofu & napa cabbage) 什锦汤 $9.99

Menu items subject to price and availability changes.
Please see noodle section for more soups.