Lunch Specials

Lunch Specials
Mongolian Beef (white & green onion) 葱爆牛肉 $7.99
Kung Pao Chicken (water chestnut, carrot, peas & peanut) 宫爆鸡 $7.99
Chicken in Brown Sauce (cucumber) 酱爆鸡 $7.99
Flash Sauteed Chicken (mixed mushrooms, carrots & bamboo shoots) 火爆鸡 $7.99
Mushroom Chicken 蘑菇鸡 $7.99
All Lunch Specials Served With:
Fried Rice, Eggroll and Sauteed Brocolli

***Steamed rice upon request, no other substitutions please

Menu items subject to price and availability changes.