Seafood Entrees

Shrimp with Black Bean 豉汁虾 $13.99
Shrimp with Asparagus 芦笋虾 $14.99
Sweet and Sour Shrimp (pineapple) 甜酸虾 $14.99
Tomato Shrimp 茄汁虾 $13.99
Sauteed Shrimp (cucumber) 清炒虾 $13.99
Kung Pao Shrimp (water chestnuts, peanuts, peas & carrots) 宫爆虾 $13.99
Sizzling Shrimp (snow peas & onion) 铁板虾 $14.99
Shrimp in Garlic Sauce (bamboo shoot, green & red pepper) 鱼香虾 $13.99
Cashew Shrimp (zuchini) 腰果虾 $13.99
Shrimp in Bean Curd 豆腐虾 $13.99
Deep Fried Shrimp (Chinese black pepper) 椒盐虾 $14.99
Braised Fish Filet (mixed mushroom & cucumbers) 红烧鱼片 $12.99
Fish in Spicy Bean Sauce (carrots & peas) 豆瓣鱼片 $12.99
Sweet and Sour Fish Filet (pineapple) 糖醋瓦块鱼 $14.99
Spicy Boiled Fish (lettuce) 水煮鱼片 $13.99
Spicy Tofu Fish 豆花鱼片 $13.99
Tomato Fish 茄汁鱼片 $12.99
Pickled Jalapeno Fish Filet (onions, green & red pepper) 泡椒鱼片 $12.99
Kung Pao Fish (water chestnut, carrot, peas & peanut) 宫爆鱼片 $12.99
Hot and Sour Fish (red pepper & cucumber) 酸辣鱼片 $12.99
Fish with Sour Pickle 酸菜鱼片 $12.99
Fish with Pickled Cucumber (green & red pepper) 酸黄瓜鱼片 $12.99
Fish Filet with Black Bean 豉汁鱼片 $12.99
Steamed Fish Filet with Tofu 清蒸豆花鱼 $12.99
Steamed Fish Filet with Green Onion 清蒸葱花鱼 $12.99
Cashew Scallop (zuchini) 腰果鲜贝 $13.99
Scallop in Garlic Sauce (bamboo shoot & green & red pepper) 鱼香鲜贝 $13.99
Kung Pao Scallop (water chestnut, carrot, peas & peanut) 宫爆鲜贝 $13.99
Pickled Jalapeno Scallop (onions, green & red pepper) 泡椒鲜贝 $13.99
Dishes can be made milder or spicier upon request.
No MSG is ever added to our food! All entrees served with steamed rice.
Party trays are available for pickup. Call or ask your server for details.

Menu items subject to price and availability changes.