Meat Entrees

Beef Entrees
Gan Bian Shredded Beef (green & red pepper & onion) 干煸牛肉 $13.99
Spicy Boiled Beef (with lettuce) 水煮牛肉 $13.99
Spicy Tofu Beef 豆花牛肉 $13.99
Beef with Pickled Chili (jalapeno, green & red pepper & onion) 泡椒牛肉 $12.99
Beef with Broccoli 西兰花牛肉 $12.99
Beef with Snow Peas 雪豆牛肉 $12.99
Beef with Black Pepper (green & red pepper & onion) 黑椒牛肉 $12.99
Kung Pao Beef (water chestnut, carrot, peas & peanut) 宫爆牛肉 $12.99
Yan Jian Beef (leeks & red pepper) 盐煎牛肉 $12.99
Mongolian Beef (white & green onion) 葱爆牛肉 $12.99
Sizzling Beef (snow peas & onion) 铁板牛肉 $13.99
Beef with Celery 芹菜牛肉 $12.99
Beef with Green Peppers & Onions 青椒牛肉 $12.99
Flash Sautee Beef (mixed mushroom, carrots & bamboo shoots) 火爆牛肉 $12.99
Pickled Cucumber Beef (green & red pepper) 酸黄瓜牛肉 $12.99
Beef with Asparagus 芦笋牛肉 $13.99
Pork Entrees
Deep Fried Pork (Chinese black pepper)椒盐猪肉 $11.99
Kung Pao Pork (water chestnut, carrot, peas & peanuts)宫爆猪肉 $11.99
Pork with Firm Tofu and yellow Chives 韭黄香干肉丝 $12.99
Pork in Brown Sauce (served on onion) 京酱肉丝 $12.99
Spicy Boiled Pork (with lettuce) 水煮猪肉 $12.99
Spicy Tofu Pork 豆花猪肉 $12.99
Dong Po Zhou Zi (baby bok choy & mushroom) 东坡肘子 $11.99
Twice Cooked Pork (leeks & red pepper) 回锅肉 $11.99
Yan Jian Pork (leeks & red pepper) 盐煎肉 $11.99
Pork with Celery 芹菜肉片 $11.99
Moo Shu Pork (egg, lily flower) 木须肉 $11.99
Pork in Garlic Sauce (bamboo shoots & green red pepper) 鱼香肉丝 $11.99
Ants Climbing Tree (ground pork & glass noodle) 蚂蚁上树 $11.99
Sweet and Sour Pork (with pineapple) 古老肉 $13.99
Spicy Pork with Wide Glass Noodle 猪肉拉皮 $11.99
Pickled Cucumber Pork (green & red pepper) 酸黄瓜猪肉 $11.99
Pickled Jalapeno Pork (green & red pepper & onion) 泡椒猪肉 $11.99
Flash Sauteed Pork (mixed mushroom, carrots & bamboo shoots) 火爆猪肉 $11.99
Sizzling Pork (snow peas & onion) 铁板猪肉 $12.99
Pork with Green Pepper and Onions 青椒猪肉 $11.99
Pork with Firm Tofu with spices 香干肉丝 $11.99
Flash Sauteed Pork Tripe (green & red peppers) 炝爆肚丝 $11.99
Yan Bao Dusi (cilantro) 盐爆肚丝 $11.99
Pork Tripe in Garlic Sauce(bamboo shoots, green & red pepper)鱼香肚丝 $11.99
Lamb Entrees
Lamb in Cumin Sauce 孜然羊肉 $12.99
Spicy Boiled Lamb (with lettuce) 水煮羊肉 $13.99
Spicy Tofu Lamb 豆花羊肉 $13.99
Pickled Jalapeno Lamb (with green & red peppers and onion) 泡椒羊肉 $12.99
Flash Sautee Lamb (carrots, bamboo shoots & mixed mushroom) 火爆羊肉 $12.99
Sizzling Lamb (snow peas & onion) 铁板羊肉 $13.99
Chicken Entrees
Spicy Boiled Chicken (lettuce) 水煮鸡肉 $12.99
Spicy Tofu Chicken 豆花鸡肉 $12.99
Gan Bian Chicken (green & red pepper & onion) 干煸鸡 $12.99
Mushroom Chicken 蘑菇鸡 $11.99
Cashew Chicken (zuchini) 腰果鸡 $11.99
Chicken in Brown Sauce (cucumber) 酱爆鸡 $11.99
Kung Pao Chicken (water chestnut, carrot, peas & peanut) 宫爆鸡 $11.99
Tomato Chicken 茄汁鸡 $11.99
Chicken in Garlic Sauce (bamboo shoot & green & red pepper) 鱼香鸡 $11.99
Sweet and Sour Chicken (pineapple) 甜酸鸡 $13.99
Sizzling Chicken (snow peas & onion) 铁板鸡 $12.99
Broccoli Chicken 西兰花鸡 $11.99
Snow Pea Chicken 雪豆鸡 $11.99
Celery Chicken 芹菜鸡 $11.99
Flash Sauteed Chicken (mixed mushrooms, carrots & bamboo shoots) 火爆鸡 $11.99
Chicken with Black Pepper (green & red pepper & onion) 黑椒鸡 $11.99
Pickled Cucumber Chicken (green & red pepper) 酸黄瓜鸡 $11.99
Chicken with Green Peppers & Onions 青椒鸡肉 $11.99
Deep Fried Chicken (Chinese black pepper) 椒盐鸡 $12.99
Hot Spicy Chicken (dried hot pepper) 辣子鸡 $12.99
Chicken with Asparagus 芦笋鸡 $12.99
Dishes can be made milder or spicier upon request.
No MSG is ever added to our food! All entrees served with steamed rice.
Party trays are available for pickup. Call or ask your server for details.
Menu items subject to price and availability changes.